Invertebrate Export – Terms and Conditions / Disclaimer.

1. Every effort is made to ensure that the export of insect material is carried out in a legal manner. It is on the onus of the Recipient to clarify if importing invertebrates into their country is legal.

2. If a shipment is delayed or confiscated for any reason due to the actions of the recipient countries customs authorities/border patrol, then we do not accept any liability

3. Two postage options are offered. Choosing the less expensive, regular (non-registered) shipment is always at the risk of the recipient. No refund or replacement is offered if the parcel does not reach its destination when sent by non-registered post.

4. The recipient must ensure that the shipment is collected and unpacked in a prompt manner when it arrives so that the contents are not exposed to extreme weather events.

5. We do not accept liability for the conditions during shipment. This is beyond our control and must be taken up with the delivery organisation.

6. The items sent are guaranteed to be the items described. Failure to produce an appropriate sex ratio or hatch rate is unable to be influenced by the sender. Therefore we do not accept liability for the eggs that do not hatch or for cultures that are unsuccessful.

7. Payment of the invoice indicates that you accept these Terms and Conditions

Danny Brown