As part of our efforts here to maintain and establish invertebrate species in captivity, we have recently become accredited and licenced to export selected invertebrate species outside of Australia.

Our licence covers :





In terms of phasmids and katydids we will have available eggs of these species. Eggs will generally be available fertilised from mated pairs or groups unless otherwise specified

For mantids, we will have ootheca for sale.

For beetles, we will make available early stage larvae.

Rather than list all potential species here and then field dozens of messages with regards to ‘Do you have……………”, we will simply list currently available items for export below and update it monthly .

Total costs will  involve government fees ($20) + cost of items + postage. It is anticipated that since most items are small and quite light, postage will be able to be achieved at a minimal cost. All prices quoted at the time of enquiry are in Australian dollars (AUD).

It is up to the applicant to first determine if their country of origin will allow insects from Australia to be purchased and sent. Please read our Terms and Conditions.

The following species are currently available for Export

Contact me directly for prices on any export stock.

  • Spiny Stick Insect, Exatosoma tiaratum, “Kuranda”, northern form.
  • Tesselated Stick Insect, Anchiale austrotessulata, “Glasshouse Mountains”
  • Goliath Stick Insect Eurycnema goliath “Beerwah”
  • Crowned Stick Insect Onchestus rentzi – Genetic Lichen Form
  • Crowned Stick Insect Onchestus rentzi
  • Hurricane Larry Stick Insect Sipyloidea larryi
  • Milledge’s Stick Insect Scionecra milledgei
  • Titan Stick Insect Acrophylla titan “Beerwah”