We have always had an interest in poultry breeds, particularly rarer breeds. We have previously bred mainly longtail fowl but have cut back just to a single breed  – Dutch bantams – to work on introducing new colours. We breed our birds to the standards set out in the Australian Poultry Standard, 2nd Edition or British Poultry Standard 7th Edition and aim to supply only the best quality stock.

WE DO NOT SELL EGGS, simply because the success rate of posted eggs is too inconsistent.

We often have birds for sale but it changes so quickly it is hard to keep the list up to date. Please contact us at any time on our email or phone and we can advise what is available. Often our breeding is quite seasonal so we may not have chicks at all times of the year.

When we have surplus stock, we generally advertise it on our facebook page


Where possible, the birds pictured below are actual birds from our stock, not generic images.


Dutch bantam

Colours Kept:

Gold, Yellow, Blue Gold, Blue Yellow, Crele, Pyle, Cuckoo, Lavender, Lavender Cuckoo, Isabel, Black, White, Gold Birchen