A Guide to Australian Lizards in Captivity

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This full colour, 952 page book by Dr Danny Brown provides the most comprehensive and detailed account of Australian Lizards species with information on all aspects of captive husbandry relating to all species of Australian Lizards that may be maintained in captivity. This includes individual chapters on Bynoe’s and Desert cave Geckoes, Dtellas and House Geckos, Chameleon Geckos, Giant Cave and Giant Tree Geckos, Knob-Tailed Geckos, Leaf-Tailed geckos, Spiny-Tailed Geckos, Ring-Tailed Geckos, Small Terrestrial geckos, Thick-Tailed Geckos, Velvet Geckos and the Pygopods including Delma’s, Scaly-Foots and Burtons Legless Lizards, Blue-Tongued and Shingleback Skinks, Burrowing Skinks, Crevice Skinks and their Allies, Forest and Water Skinks, Prickly Forest and Nangur Skinks, Rainbow Skinks, Sand Swimmers, Slender Blue-Tongue Skinks, Pink-Tongued Skinks, Small Terrestrial Skinks, Striped Skinks, Bearded Dragons, Crevice and Rock Dragons, Two-Lined Dragons, Earless dragons, Heath Dragons, Frilled Dragons, Large Arboreal Dragons, Rainforest dragons, Sand Dragons, Small arboreal Dragons, Thorny Devils, Water Dragons, , Large Terrestrial and Arboreal Monitors, Rock Monitors, Rainforest Monitors, Small Terrestrial Monitors, Small and Medium Arboreal Monitors and Water Monitors.

The book is complemented with the largest collection of reptile images ever presented with over 2800 images from some of Australia’s finest reptile photographers, many unique to this book and many showing species never before illustrated, undescribed species and unobserved behaviours. These full colour images show all aspects of sexing, housing, breeding as well as the general appearance of the species within each chapter including dozens of morphotypes of visually variable species.

Whilst this title is a compilation of a proportion of the information in the four individual titles on Dragons, Skinks, Monitors, and Geckos and Pygopods it includes an additional four chapters, more extensive information on natural history, taxonomy and husbandry techniques and almost twice the unique images of all the individual books combined.

Written By: Dr. Danny Brown (signed copy)

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