This book is a long-overdue work by Dr Justin Julander and Nick Mutton. It details the natural history, captive care and breeding of this amazing group and their relatives, covering Morelia spilota, M. imbricta, M. bredli, and M. carinata, and providing many intimate details of the lives of these enigmatic creatures in the wild. This book represents the culmination of the latest scientific research and also draws from the authors’ nearly four decades of combined experience working with carpet pythons, and the contributions of other notable herpetologists and herpetoculturalists.
The species accounts, covering 139 pages, feature great photography illustrating wild specimens in typical habitat. Each species account details distribution, size, colouration, morphology, natural history and reproduction. This book concludes with an expansive gallery of genetic mutations and selectively bred traits, many of which are pictured in this book for the first time.

Written By: Dr. Justin Julander and Nick Mutton