Snake Ranch – Guide to Reptile Care

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This new book from the Snake Ranch covers predominantly snake husbandry with some information on the basic lizard and turtle species.This book in no way professes to share with the reader little more than the basic requirements of keeping a happy, healthy reptile.The idea was to produce a book highlighting some of the amazing animals that we at Snake Ranch have the pleasure of working with on a daily basis, and help you get off on the right foot with your new pet. From the Author -“To keep a reptile not only alive, but thriving, is relatively simple once you know what to do. Reptile’s lives are so completely different to ours, that initially, it can take some adjustment to your thinking before understanding exactly what it is they require to live a happy, healthy life. Once you get your head around that, their care is relatively straight forward, and they can offer you an amazing insight to a world you otherwise would never have known existed.”

Written By: By Chris Williams

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