Spirulina Capsules 500mg x 50


Ideal for use as a pigment enhancer in birds, particularly nectarivores and other softbills.


Pure organic Spirulina powder in a 500mg capsule form. Spirulina powder is rich in pre-carotenoids making it an ideal addition to nectar and soft foods for the purpose of maintaining pigment colour in all softbilled birds. Unlike other pigment enhancers, spirulina does not alter the natural colours of the bird. Red birds only metabolise pre-carotenoids for red colouration whilst yellow birds only metabolise pre-carotenoids required for yellow coloration. It is recommended to be added to the diet at a rate of 0.5 -1 %. It is therefore very simple to use with one or two 500mg capsules being suitable for 1 litre of nectar or 1kg of soft food. Simply open the capsule and mix into the food item.
It may also be used to enhance leg colour in poultry.

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per 100 capsules