Vetafarm Avian Crittacare 100g


Sick, injured and stressed birds will try to hide all signs of sickness until it is too late. By the stage that owners start to see symptoms the bird will normally be dehydrated and undernourished. At this point it is critical to provide high quality nutrition to the bird.

Crittacare Avian is an extruded powder, that provides the highest standard of nutrition for sick, injured and stressed birds. Extruding the diet, ensures that the nutrients are easily digested so that birds can spend their energy on recovery rather than digesting food. During times of illness, stress and injury, the gut flora can become unbalanced. We have added pre- and probiotics after extrusion cooking to aid in the re-establishment of good bacteria in the gut and further aid digestion.

Vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids that have been balanced by leading Australian avian veterinarians and nutritionists, combined with the highest quality fresh ingredients and the highest standard of cooking methods, Crittacare Avian provides an exceptional diet for birds in recovery.

Reconstitute the food by slowly adding hot water and mixing with a fork. Mix until the formula will just drip from the prongs of the fork.

Ensure that the formula is fed as 38°C – 41°C.

Can be force fed using a medication needle or feeding spoon.

Crittacare Avian should be fed until the bird has resumed normal feeding.