Vetafarm Insectapro


Takes the mess and guesswork out of feeding insect eating birds. Supplies crucial proteins found in insects, that grains and vegetables lack.
Stimulates breeding pairs of Insectivores/Omnivorous and balances the diet of young. Extrusion cooked for safety and digestibility. Priced per kg.

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Insectivorous birds require a diet high in protein and fat, Insecta-Pro provides a convenient, balanced diet for all species (except Mynas and Toucans).
Omnivorous birds (Blackbirds, Thrush, Magpies etc.) benefit from Insecta-Pro and mixed 50:50 and fed as a moist blend.

Insecta-Pro has been designed to provide a supplemental feed for all insectivorous birds, including those requiring “live food”.
Insecta-Pro can be mixed with other “soft feedstuffs” such as fruits, pupae, eggs etc.
This damp mix is supplied to the birds to provide a wide based, nutritious feed that will stimulate breeding pairs and provide a fully balanced diet for the young.

  • Fully extruded dietary additive for Omnivorous and Insectivorous birds
  • Complete live food replacement
  • Can be fed dry, mixed with water to create a crumble
  • Formulated nutrition – Designed by Avian Vets

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